Starting Points

This blog continues an older work from which seems only to get weird traffic from bizarre Russian websites.
The project is a rational analysis of creationism. There are lots and lots of creationist websites on the internet. Generally academics keep to their internal communities and don’t fuss with debunking creationist dogma over vulgar channels like the internet. Which is only proper, the job of scientists is to do science and the job of science teachers is to teach science.

There are lots of resources out there on evolutionary biology for those who are interested. This project is meant to deal less with the fine details of science and biology and more with the broader philosophical dispute, the true controversy of “teach the controversy” . Academic scientists and academies of science resoundingly reject creationism as an account of how the Earth and human beings came to be. The controversy is philosophical.

Specifically, there is a controversy because some sects of Christianity take the Bible as 100% literal inerrant truth (except the name of the publisher mind you). This inerrant Bible can tell no wrong on either metaphysical points (God and Heaven exist, for example) or statements of fact (Moses actually talked to a burning bush, for example).

Science also examines facts. Science does not conflict with most religions, which typically take their creation myths as allegory (most Christians are of this persuasion). However, because some Christians hold the Bible as inerrant on all points of fact, they have a Religion which can be Disproved. That is, we can look in the world and physically see that their Religion is wrong on some points. And in fact we have.

To deal with this, these individuals subscribe to a worldview called “Creationism”. This is the view that the world was literally created in accordance with the method and timeline set out in the Bible.  Further, they believer that science either has or will demonstrate this to be incontrovertibly correct and any current scientific consensus to the contrary to a passing fad teetering on the edge of falsification.

Creationism is not Science. Science and Creationism both talk about facts in the world. That’s where the similarities end. Science believes that it can never obtain the absolute truth no matter how incontrovertible the supporting evidence is.  Creationism believes that it already has the absolute truth no matter how strong the contrary evidence is.

For a more detailed background and some important starting points, please visit the page to the right labelled introductions and axioms.


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